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Sherman, set the WGA-BAC Machine...

That's an intentional typo. The writer's strike has prompted NBC to dig waaaaaaaaaaaay back into the archives for tonight's "Tonight Show." Dunno what year it's from, but it's the old set, a young Julia Roberts, and Jay's hair is actually dark...

Hmm. I was trying to find out when Branford Marsalis, who was leading the band, left the show (answer: in 1995), and found this on the show's Wikipedia page:

Beginning the week of November 26, 2007, due to the writers' strike, NBC began showing even older episodes of Jay Leno's Tonight Show, beginning with a June 29, 1992 episode with guest Tom Hanks. What was notable was that episode was produced during the first couple of months when Leno was host, and when his manager, Helen Kushnick, was executive producer. According to the book on the nighttime talk show changes, The Late Shift, Leno made clear that he did not want the Kushnick-produced episodes to ever air again. It is unknown whether or not Leno gave NBC's approval to show this episode, or if Leno's blocking of the episodes had any truth in it.

The NBC website doesn't give a date, but says it's episode 364, which would suggest late 1993 or early 1994. ETA: I should mention that the sound is turned down (it's one of the newsroom TVs). If I'd heard what Roberts or Pierce Brosnan were plugging, I'd probably be able to date it more precisely...
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