Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Happy Rabbit Hole Day

First chance at a breather since Stephenville took over the front pages, and my work schedule, last week. Got some laundry done, and some grocery shopping.

Watched one of the aliens last night on TV, standing alongside Obama during his victory speech in South Carolina. They're doing the media tour this week (the aliens. Though, come to think of it, Obama still is, too); I understand Xhisprn (they still haven't settled on a standard transliteration, which, let me tell you, is enormously irritating from a copy-editing standpoint) is supposed to be talking to our editorial board on Wednesday. Amazing how quickly they've adapted to Earth customs. Though the government guy who came through the newsroom Friday in preparation said I had to hide my plush rabbit -- something about an insult to the visitors' religion...
Tags: rabbit hole day

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