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In the hospital Internet room

...which is only open regular business hours. Don't know yet about access in the rooms...

Left Waco around 9 p.m., greeted by the full solstice moon, big and beautiful. Lovely foggy night that made me wish I was a passenger rather than a driver so I could actually admire the scenery. Discovered that the Dr Pepper Museum bottle seal did not actually seal the glass Dr Pepper bottle, but nothing important was spilled on. (The bottle, purchased at the museum which is four blocks from work, contained DP made with actual sugar rather than corn syrup.)

Made it here about 4:30 a.m. and spent the interim exploring the grounds, making particularly sure to note all food sources. Pat and her husband Larry arrived with Mom about 5:45, and Pat immediately went into pre-op with Mom. Larry and I got to go in a bit later once most of the prep work was done. They're operating now.

The internet room is off an office with a number of loud, cheerful women trading stories. Lots of laughter. Part of me annoyed, part of me enjoying it...

More later.
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