Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

I has been nudged

So, OK, here I am...

First item of note: The Joe Weather blog on is no more. Few people were reading it when weather wasn't particularly eventful, and when weather is eventful it's better for several reasons to put the news on the Trib's breaking news blog. So when weather's going on, that's where you'll find me. I've set up an LJ feed for it: waco_now.

Second item of note: I was at AggieCon over the weekend. I had a moderate amount of fun, but the con in general... did not go particularly well. It's probably best to leave it at that.

Third item of note: I spent Monday night with a metric crapload of wires stuck to me (EEG goop is real fun to get out of your hair, let me tell you). Result: I may have sleep apnea... but not conclusively enough that an insurer will spring for the CPAP. Instead, I have been instructed to lose weight.

Oh, and txanne: You may want to check out the Trib front page tomorrow morning...

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