Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott


Headline on the front page of (it probably won't be there by the time you read this):

"Smallish town handles
whopping polygamy case"

(Between when I first saw it and when I went back to verify the headline, the hyphen was removed from "Small-ish"...)

The town in question is San Angelo, Texas. Which I realize is small by NYC standards, but bigger than Eldorado (the site of the YFZ compound; the legal proceedings were moved from there because that courtroom was way too small). Hence the "ish," I suppose.

I grew up in Marfa, so it always amuses me somewhat to see somewhere like San Angelo (or Waco, where I live now) referred to as "small," or even "smallish" — and a co-worker points out that Marfa's big compared to where he grew up. (Barefoot, uphill, both ways...)
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