Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Between the candle and the flame

Re-reading Second Stage Lensmen; stopped once again at the places where I'm always stopped, and walk around muttering before I can pick up the book and start reading again.

It's absolutely amazing how Smith in almost the same breath can insist that Civilization is founded on equality of the sexes, then note that the "Red Lensman" became so beloved by the Patrol basically because she knew her place.

The fact that she does finally claim full Gray Lensman status in Children of the Lens — TWENTY YEARS LATER — doesn't reduce the bile by much.

In a completely unrelated matter the previously cited problem with the Lego Indiana Jones PC game has been worked around, thanks to LucasArts tech support only in that they provided server space for the forums. (Turning off shadows in the effects menu halted the crashes.)
Tags: sf

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