Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Day 1: Denver is kicking my behind

I'm back in the hotel room, having reached the Do Not Want phase of the afternoon. The altitude is Starting To Have Effects. (Among them, apparently, a Predilection for Capital Letters.)

The Denvention programming guide suggests that I take it easy the first day and try not to exert myself. It then lists the programming spread out over a largish convention center plus hotel facilities two blocks away (plus two more blocks to the hotel where I am now, and two or three more to the hotel where I'll be staying tonight now that my roomsplit's arrived). I have been looking with distinct envy at the Segways that the convention center staff ride.

And oh, look! The rain's just arrived...

(I'm actually enjoying myself much more than this grump indicates; and once I've had a chance to rest and rehydrate I suspect I'll be feeling better. It helps that I have acquired a quite lovely walking stick.)
Tags: denvention, worldcon

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