Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Worldcon Day 2: At long last Internet

I'm in a Starbucks, heaven help me. There are, like, five within a couple of blocks of here, but this is the only one I've seen so far that has AT&T WiFi (the others have TMobile; AT&T is the one that doesn't cost me any extra, since I have AT&T DSL). The hotel I'm in charges $10 a day for Web access; likewise the convention center. Allegedly you can get online anywhere along the 16th Street Mall -- the network even shows up in my list... sometimes. Whenever I try to log on it vanishes.

Things are better today. The headache's gone away. There is still quite a lot of walking involved; I've been using the heck out of that walking stick I bought yesterday.

There's a concert I want to catch in 15 minutes, so I'm being brief. The highlight of today was the Kathy Mar GoH concert. It's cool to see a filker get the Projected on the Big Screen For Those In the Back Row (there go the Capital Letters again...).

More later...
Tags: denvention, worldcon

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