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On the edge of Ike

The wind's picked up quite a bit. Radar showed most of the rain was going to give Waco a miss except for a stray band or two of showers, so I had the window open next to the couch, letting me hear what was going on outside. Started to doze off, woke to rain blowing in -- the stray band decided to stray here, apparently -- and scrambled to shut the window.

Good news from Houston: Got a call back from lolleeroberts; her power and water are out, but house damage was limited to shingles, so that's good. starcatjewel wasn't so lucky, alas: A tree took out part of their roof.

I was up until 3 am blogging on Ike for the Trib, then woke at 7 and started in again. Hence the dozing. I suspect there will be a few catnaps today.

So how are you weathering things?
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