Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

It's a bit chilly here

Icicles on bird feeder Icicles on bird feeder
Sister's house, Cabot, AR

Visiting my sister's/mom's house in Arkansas, and the temperature dropped below freezing today and hasn't climbed back up since. My great-niece's junior-high basketball game this afternoon was called off. Some parts of the county are without power, though we're OK here (obviously, since I'm posting).

I'm posting on my sister's PC. The laptop stayed home, virus-struck; I didn't want to risk infecting Mom's or Pat's computers. So my access will be spotty for the next week and change, especially during the weekend when I'm in Atlanta for GaFilk.

I know a good many of you are in similar (or worse) weather straits, so be careful out there...
Tags: arkansas, weather

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