Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

A cat daddy once more

This is Sashi:

And this is Hallie:

They came from a North Texas animal rescue group with fannish ties (Hallie is the one mentioned in starcat_jewel's post a little while back). I drove up to Garland to pick them up today and brought them back to Waco.

As I type this, Sashi has emerged from self-exile to partake from the food dish for the first time. She's been mostly keeping to herself while Hallie follows me around the apartment, though when I briefly closed Hallie out of the office, Sashi came and sat in my lap. There's some hissing and growling, mostly from Hallie, but I'm assured that should sort itself out after a couple of days as they work out a pecking order.

Hallie is the talkative one. I'm not entirely sure I've heard Sashi say anything yet since she got put in her carrier in Garland. Hallie's been Underfoot Cat is Underfoot, at least the first couple of hours. We'll see how that shakes out.
Tags: cats

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