Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Left hand, please brief right hand

Driving back from Houston this morning after starcat_jewel's birthday party last night, and nearly to Waco, I pull into the left lane to pass a couple of vehicles, just at the point where a sign says "Left lane for passing only."

Naturally, the work truck in front of me hits the brakes.

Truck behind me swerves into the right lane to pass us; truck behind him, ditto; I start cursing at the work truck's driver, who hits the brakes again...

...signals, pulls into the left-turn cut, and turns left. At which point I recall that there are several of those along this stretch of road.

At which point I toss a psychic apology toward the work truck, and start muttering about people who put a "Left lane for passing only" sign ahead of an area with left turns...

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