Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Attention Myst/Uru fans

...looking particularly at eleri and zanda_myrande, though I'm sure there are others...

After a year and change of mulling it over, I've decided to embark after all on what would have been my in-cavern project had season two of Uru Live actually become a reality: An in-cavern history of D'ni from the time of its rediscovery, including the events of Prologue, Until Uru and Myst Online: Uru Live. Notionally written by one Sandra Bethany, a journalist who learned of D'ni just after the events surrounding the DRC's latest departure from the cavern (i.e., she was the character I was preparing for my bid at a season-two storyline), the book would be roughly half about the DRC (that is, Cyan canon) and half about the activities of the everyday explorers and especially their efforts to keep things going when Cyan/the DRC couldn't.

Thus I am hoping to get in touch with as many people as I can who have particularly gotten in character/"in cavern" (hereinafter "IC") during the game, and especially those who were around from the early Prologue days. Ideally, I'd also like to talk with some of the Cyan folks about expanding on the backstory, starting with John "Fighting Branch" Loftin and his rediscovery of the cavern.

Thanks for any help you can offer...
Tags: ditdc. uru

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