Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

(Dream) state of play

OK, now that was a cute variation on wait-what-am-I-doing-in-college-again: I dreamed I was in a play. It kept shifting between rehearsal and performance; I was aware of having missed rehearsals, and (when it was a performance) was never quite sure whether I'd missed my cue — or whether those on stage had failed to deliver it (I had the impression somehow that whole scenes had been skipped).

I was supposed to shout a war cry from the back of the house, then run up the aisle and onto the stage. While I was waiting I'd see people in the audience I wanted to talk to, but I couldn't because I was about to go on stage. Maybe.

When I was on stage, I only sometimes knew my lines and was aware of improvising lines and stage business, feeling a bit guilty about it (I'd left a prop at home, a staff or cane, so I played the character as having the delusion that he had the staff, at one point falling over while "leaning on it" as I knelt to deliver a message to my — queen? lady?).

But it wasn't necessarily a nightmare. The pratfall and the ad libs were getting laughs (and it was supposed to be a comedy). That part was pleasant...
Tags: dream

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