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Short story recommendation

Back in the ancient mists of a time no man may know ("last weekend," says Brother Doorkeeper, helpfully), Laura Gallagher was reading us a short story at her housefilk. (If she's on LJ I haven't found her yet.) It was a wonderful story called "Beau and the Beast" by Esther Friesner, and I wish I'd known about it a week earlier when I was at the convention where she was a guest of honor. Laura said she was pointed to it by someone who told her it was a Regency romance. And it was... she had to admit, it was...

I've been trying to find a way to commend it to your immediate attention, but it's in the March issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which isn't on newsstands anymore. The nearest I can come is to offer a link to the e-book version of the issue, which costs $3.59. (Do libraries keep the back issues?) Maybe what we need is an "iStory," where you can opt to buy a single story, or buy the whole issue at a discount...

(Of course, if you get it nominated for a Hugo, then there should be a free link to it next year after the nominees are announced...)

Off to work...

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