Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 04-05-2010

  • 01:17:46: Anyone know why the NASA video on RealPlayer keeps cutting out?
  • 01:53:04: Hee... Astronaut waves over a ground crew member to take the group photo before the they board the elevator to the white room.
  • 02:49:51: Terrorist Fist Bumps among the flight-deck crew! #sts131
  • 05:10:56: Go for launch! 11 minutes to launch
  • 05:21:51: LIFTOFF!
  • 05:26:06: NEGATIVE RETURN #STS131
  • 05:30:26: "Discovery, Houston — Nominal MECO." Exhaling now... #STS131
  • 05:32:07: I just watched the space shuttle launch on #spacevidcast
  • 13:22:25: Reading the AP hashtag #TigerOnAPlive and wondering — what the heck is a Plive?

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