Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 15:09:33: This. 10K times this. RT @jkcraft53: Here's another chance for my dad & broussard to tell me this is science fiction:
  • 15:50:40: Ah, tricksy @ebertchicago is. 1) Post trailer for "Exit Through the Gift Shop," a maybe-documentary about grafitti artists. (cont'd)
  • 15:52:27: 2) Post blog entry insisting that Video Games Cannot Ever Be Art. 3) Review "Gift Shop," relating graffiti-as-art argument to blog response.
  • 15:53:28: (And apparently I missed the red underline telling me I misspelled "graffiti" in the first tweet...)

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