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Upgrades are such fun...

Turns out the reason why the new software has been so slow is that, when they switched my hard drive into a new Mac in order to troubleshoot the old one, the new machine only had about a fifth of the RAM that the old one had. This was quite adequate for the old software... not the slightest bit adequate for the spiffy new software.

And I didn't get to do my Chief Inspector Dreyfus .gif this weekend because the scene that I want is in Return of the Pink Panther -- which, wouldn't you know, is the one PP movie that someone else has the rights to (this is why it wasn't in the recent Pink Panther boxed set, and the execrable Trail of the Pink Panther took its place). As it turns out, it was supposed to be rereleased on DVD last week -- but now appears to have been postponed to late October. Perhaps Clouseau was put in charge of the manufacturing run...
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