Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 06-23-2010

  • 10:52:01: Sign in the U.S. crowd at the #worldcup: "Yes We Can"
  • 13:05:43: USGS: Magnitude 5.5 earthquake 38 miles north of Ottawa, Canada
  • 13:17:27: Trying to reach the Canadian government #earthquake website — and apparently so is everyone else
  • 13:31:53: Isner, Mahut now at 46-all in 5th set at #wimbledon. Unfreakingbelievable.
  • 13:37:20: So let's see: McChrystal resigns, new Gulf setback, US to next World Cup round, record-long match at Wimbledon. Yup, slow news day.
  • 13:42:54: Oh, yeah, and an earthquake. Just an absolute snoozer of a news day.
  • 13:46:27: 48-48 now. More than eight and a half hours. #wimbledon
  • 13:47:03: They've broken the scoreboard at #wimbledon.
  • 13:59:15: One. Hundred. Freaking. Games. #wimbledon
  • 14:21:53: RT @jonahkeri: Best liveblog that has ever or will ever be written. Never want Isner-Mahut to end, because this guy needs to keep writin ...
  • 15:06:36: Could it possibly be? Advantage Isner, match point #wimbledon
  • 15:09:28: Of course not. Now they're talking about calling it — again — on account of darkness. "We want more!" chants the crowd. #wimbledon
  • 15:11:03: And that's it. The game is going to day 3. #wimbledon
  • 15:28:41: Wondering why I'm seeing e-mail on my iPod and not on the main Mac. That would be because I didn't relaunch Mail after the reboot. D'oh!

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