Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 07-19-2010

  • 13:40:08: RT @txspacereport: Spaceflight Now: 2nd SpaceX Falcon 9's 1st stage arrives at Cape; launch with working Dragon capsule aims for Septemb ...
  • 15:23:51: It's Learn By Doing time! Today: Using Adobe Illustrator to make a Texas Space Report logo...
  • 16:19:00: Trying to get Illustrator to do what I want is kinda like trying to solve an advanced Portal map. Only much more frustrating.
  • 19:45:26: Next challenge: Finding a WordPress theme that will let me use the new logo...

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    Still a bit out of it, Gil makes an important discovery...

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    Just don't.

  • In fine Straczynski fashion...

    The setup was six years ago, and now at last we have the payoff: "She's... she's heterodyning..." UPDATE: Oh, and apparently, Othar Tryggvassen…

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