Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Oh, just ^*^&* spiffy

Because we just didn't have enough of a three-ring circus going on just up the road... the white supremacists have decided they need to come to Crawford tomorrow. They're protesting both the war and the protesters: the Leftists are behind the war in order to protect Israel, y'see...

Oh, did I mention Al Sharpton will be in town Sunday?

At least the Topeka Idiot was content with telling Sheehan in an open letter that her son went straight to hell when he died and she will too, because they didn't sufficiently hate gays. He won't be coming to Crawford because he and his bunch are too busy picketing servicemembers' funerals, because they died in the service of a country that God will destroy because -- got it in one -- it doesn't sufficiently hate gays.

Just a few days left, and then the cameras will be gone and the whole lot will be gone with them...

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