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The longest night

spiritdance: "Does anyone else feel like they are watching a slow-motion train wreck as this unfolds?"

saoba: "I think of those streets along the Gulf Coast, lined with live oaks and cypress draped in Spanish moss. I remember lazy afternoons of watching my small children paddling in the still, warm water of the Gulf, nights of kisses and music. I hear a tide of voices; the drawl of Mississippi, the unmistakeable Cajun lilt, the indescribable New Orleans accent.
"I'm thousands of miles away, and my heart is breaking."

alexandrrrrra, responding to saoba above: "My auntie has a home on First Street that has been standing since the very early 1800s, I wonder if it will make it through this storm?
"It just breaks my heart when I think of what is going to be lost."

insomnia is keeping a running log of entries from LJ users staying in New Orleans. scyllacat reports that Bob Asprin is with her at Fahy's Irish Pub in the Quarter.

I had the chance to go to New Orleans a month ago for Crescent City Con, but decided, especially after the trip to Arkansas for Mom's hospitalization, that I couldn't afford it. I'm wondering now what kind of chance I missed...
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