April 18th, 2005


Trans Poly U. classes now in session


You can select the GG 101 course (pages from the first story) or the advanced class, which at long last continues the current storyline.

I admit to a little continued trepidation at the switch from dead-tree comics (the bound collected editions will still come out roughly once a year), but all the same, Agatha Heterodyne is back in business...
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One nice thing about the Rome time difference

For the first few days, at least, the papal conclave votes are happening at a schedule that eminently suits me - the ballots for the morning votes burn at around noon Rome time, which puts it well before the morning news shows here; the evening burn happens at around 7 p.m. Rome time (it was an hour later than that today), or noon or 1 p.m. CDT, and then they're done for the day. Meaning I don't have to worry - for the next few days, at least - that they'll choose the new pope right at the press deadline...

(Oh - black smoke today, just as expected for the first vote...)

Dealing with mundanes, lesson 47

The organizer didn't understand why people were so upset; it was so obvious their convoy was re-enacting a Road Warrior scene and that the machine guns the tanker guards were holding were fake...

'Mad Max' fans run afoul of San Antonio police

(If you click the stop button quickly enough, you can keep it from jumping to the "Register now! It's free!" window...) UPDATE: Actually, as lone_cat points out, you can duck the reg page even more easily by turning off JavaScript in your browser.
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