Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 09:31:41: My livechat's inside the blankety-blank paywall and I can't get hold of anyone who can get it out... whimper...
  • 12:37:52: Would have really liked to be at the Cape. Still, covering a launch in PJs while doing laundry and drinking tea has its advantages.
  • 12:39:32: (Suddenly thinking of an Aggie working from home: telecommute, connect, connect...)
  • 13:48:08: RT @txspacereport: Hearing Tom Hanks' voice in my head for some reason right now, and James Horner music...
  • 14:05:26: WOOOOOOOOOOT! RT @SpaceXer: SPLASHDOWN!!!
  • 14:58:48: What I'd like is to somehow have Twitter's no-shortening-required RT while still having the option to add a comment.
  • 16:27:16: Boy, I'm glad not to be George Diller today...
  • 22:35:14: 13, with WWII parents. I suppose I had some vague idea who Lennon was... Another I only really discovered after he was gone. Tired of that.

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    16:42:28: Right now I perfectly understand the feline impulse to find a sunny spot and nap. Tweets copied by

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    00:43:30: RT @neilhimself: @ Paul_Cornell exactly six years ago today, Father's Day was broadcast. Um. 00:43:36: RT @Paul_Cornell: @…

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    01:42:24: Boy, would I like to see a Portal 2 soundtrack... #getonthatvalve 04:58:36: Artists died, and I understood why the world mourned…

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