Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 12:56:20: Pausing in Dead Bird City to report: homeward bound, circuitously. North to Beebe, west to Conway and I-40 - clearer that way.
  • 13:01:00: Many trees down beside road, though I can't say for sure it was this storm that got them. Resuming trip now.
  • 14:34:55: Have achieved I-40. Lunch in Morrilton. Roads clear - which, as I'm hearing, cannot be said of I-30. Seems I chose wisely. Onward.
  • 16:35:06: At Oklahoma Welcome Center. 50 miles to Checotah and US 65 turnoff. Snow is mostly clear but wind is brisk.
  • 19:59:26: Atoka fuelup (iPod just autocorrected that to "Aroma"). Todd: I think the McAlester Ken's is a Mazzio's now.
  • 20:53:57: Have crossed Red River. Texas info center is closed, alas. Night is clear and stars are distracting - good thing I don't have a moonroof.

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