Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 02-02-2011

  • 11:17:31: Power's out. I'm on the UPS and getting ready to shut down.
  • 11:26:07: Wake up to the UPS beeping. Apparently we're on rolling brownouts now. Joy.
  • 11:28:08: So the Mac's shut down and the UPS is running only the modem & router. I'm sending this from my iPad.
  • 11:33:45: Oh, and apparently something's happening in Egypt too. #notaslownewsday
  • 11:41:44: Power's back on now.
  • 12:29:52: Still have power for now, but I look at the electric stove, and the electric kettle, and the electric furnace, and...
  • 12:47:12: Correction to earlier tweet: I have an iPod, not an iPad.
  • 13:32:40: 2nd brownout, about 15 minutes. Venturing out on a grocery run now.
  • 15:35:39: The rolling brownouts have ended for now. Not that ERCOT has made that information easy to find on its website.

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