Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 01:02:44: Home now, shaking a bit. I begrudged every single red light. Having to start again, an inexperienced driver on snow, will do that.
  • 01:06:40: The hairiest one was the one that turned yellow just as I approached. I did stop in time. I was at an angle across lanes, but I did stop.
  • 04:01:03: I wasn't in time to catch the tiny snow devil in the Trib parking lot, but I got its track. ~9 pm.
  • 04:02:58: Sanger Avenue around 2:30 am. About an inch and a half had fallen by this point. #wacosnow
  • 08:07:13: A bird is chirping right outside my window. I suspect it's asking "What the heck is all this white stuff?" #wacosnow
  • 08:09:28: It's going chuuu-weep! Chuuu-weepweepweepweepweep! if that helps anyone identify it.
  • 13:26:49: Which is precisely where I'd be driving. Hooboy. RT @wacotrib: Waco dispatcher: "All of Franklin (Avenue) is bad." #fb

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