Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 03-14-2011

  • 00:01:49: It'll be even more fun in four years... RT @billamend: Happy π Day!
  • 04:09:48: Um. Does this mean stocks go up? MT @AP: Oil falls below $99 as Japan devastation cuts crude demand. #Oil #earthquake
  • 16:45:35: Did you try calling Information? RT @sivavaid: You know, a REALLY AWESOME search engine could find my sunglasses.
  • 21:21:26: Oh, crap. RT @BreakingNews: Japan's prime minister says radiation has leaked from damaged reactor; asks those within 20K to evacuate - Kyodo
  • 21:23:14: Within 20km of Fukushima I plant asked to evacuate; 20km-30km asked to stay indoors. #japanquake

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    16:42:28: Right now I perfectly understand the feline impulse to find a sunny spot and nap. Tweets copied by

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