Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 00:16:44: Joan of (electrical) Arc? #8in8
  • 01:47:55: Back to watching #8in8 or #8in12 or whatever it winds up being. @neilhimself is singing about Joan of Arc. Alas, video and audio out of sync
  • 01:50:23: ...and Deanna? Not Swann? *joke whooshes over head* RT @neilhimself: About to do my best Flanders and Deanna impression. #8in8
  • 01:56:43: And now we've arrived at song number 8 / it's been 12 hours but we're still feeling great / but that might be the sleep dep talking #8in8
  • 01:59:30: We hope that you had a really good time / It's starting to get hard to make up a rhyme / And we might have a few problems with walking #8in8
  • 02:06:09: Yay, it's back in sync! #8in8
  • 02:11:10: Was hoping @neilhimself would have a solo session with the microphone so I could make out the words. How do I buy this album tomorrow? #8in8
  • 02:18:08: Have to agree with those who have been heaping praise on @BenFolds, jack of many instruments and master of all. #8in8
  • 02:33:29: I have odd hours. That's why I'm still up. By the by, you were able to do something with headphones a bit earlier...#8in8
  • 02:38:03: Just lost audio... :-( #8in8
  • 02:48:26: Huge heaping thanks to @amandapalmer, @neilhimself, @benfolds and the rest of the gang #8in8 #6in12 Is this really where it ends...?
  • 03:29:49: "Impossible Astronaut" spaceman reminds me of opening of Telltale Games' "Puzzle Agent." Silence=gnomes? #doctorwho #nelsontethers
  • 03:33:33: Or maybe the Silence and the Gnomes will face off like the Daleks and the Cybermen at the end of Season 2. #doctorwhonelsontetherscrossover
  • 22:15:22: Interesting night. A chunk of it was spent in the bathtub, but this time the power didn't go out. Waco out of danger zone now.
  • 22:16:51: Worst part about the tornadoes was, they meant I didn't get to listen to the #8in8 concert. :-P #forselfishvaluesofworst

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