Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 21:43:54: Dude! Newspaper deadlines! get on TV already! #obamaannouncement
  • 22:07:38: RT @GLaDOS_2: Bin Laden is dead. But I scanned his brain and made a backup on the permanent record. He'll make a good Turret.
  • 22:12:53: RT @brendanloy: Attention journalists: Be extra vigilant for Obama/Osama typos! I almost just committed like 3! #PANIC
  • 22:20:26: RT @drance: sudo rm -rf /bin/laden
  • 22:24:35: RT @GLaDOS_2: Oh good, he's already online. [Bin Laden Turret]: "Are you still there infidel?" "I don't hate you. Just kidding."
  • 22:25:28: RT @waxpancake: Cliche watch: Twitter users are making "long form death certificate" jokes at a rate of approximately 400 per minute. ht ...
  • 23:18:12: RT @maddow: Singing the national anthem on my right -- and na na na na hey hey hey goodbye on my left.

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