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OK, I'm looking at guitars...

What I'm considering now is whether to upgrade to one with a built-in pickup. A co-worker who knows guitars says that those, especially at the low end (i.e., what I can afford) tend not to do so well on reproducing the sound, especially if you mainly strum, which right now I mainly do. He says if you make an extra investment, there's some post-processing stuff you can do to make it sound OK.

I didn't notice any particular difference in quality among the guitars on stage at FenCon, but I don't know if that's because I don't have the ear for it, or they had better (more expensive) guitars/pickups, or what (I do know one -- Giacoio? -- brought his own processing equipment).

So: msminlr, how has yours worked out? sandy_tyras, what's your take on the sound difference? (I know DI setup is easier on you than having to put another mike stand out there...) Anybody else with an opinion -- should I go for a hybrid or just stick with a straight acoustic?
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