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New "Firefly" filk

I finally managed to finish a song...

Words and music: Joseph Abbott
Based on "Firefly" created by Joss Whedon

She was beautiful and tattered
She was innocent and worn
And we knew she'd always be there, and we knew her time was near
She was everything that mattered
From the time that we were born
To the time that we abandoned her to die

CHORUS: And though we never saw her
We still shape them in her image
We see her ghost, see everything it does
And though we never knew her
We still know that she was ours
We still dream of Earth-That-Was

From Osiris out to Paquin
From Greenleaf to New Hall
A hundred worlds all haunted by the memory of one
From Persephone to Sihnon
Londinium to Whitefall
Wherever humankind has made its home

And still we blast and dig and cut and burn
We remember our first home... but have we learned?
Tags: filk, firefly

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