Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Wildfires update II

The latest from AP (BTW, this link should keep getting updated with the latest as AP sends it; it's the same link as in the previous post and has the updated story):

In Kennedale, multiple structures destroyed, including at least two homes. Two apartment complexes on U.S. 287 menaced and evacuated, but (as of this report) saved. Three Arlington firefighters hospitalized for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion.

Texas Forest Service says the wildfires are the state's worst since February 1996, when 16,000 acres were destroyed around Poolville.

Evacuations near Canyon Creek in Hood County, south of Fort Worth.

Meanwhile, of a bit more use to celticdragonfly: the Star-Telegram's current story.
Tags: news, wildfires

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