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We're Number Two! the "Atlanta Regional" (they've stopped even pretending that there's geographic significance to the brackets).

This means that Texas and Texas A&M could get a rematch in the regional final (the Aggies would have to beat Duke, or whoever beats them, to do that). Alternately, that same game could be the Won't the Announcers Have Fun With This One matchup between Iona and Iowa.

It's 78 degrees in Waco. At 8:30 p.m. This kinda stuff really could have waited at least another month, as far as I'm concerned... (Robin and JT -- not sure whether they're on LJ -- observed while visiting from the Boston area on their annual North Texas Irish Festival pilgrimage that while Texans were groaning at the warm weather as a hint of 100-degree days to come, they were enjoying a mild day that would be quite like what summer would be for them (Nashua being, at tht time, below freezing). I resisted the urge to strangle them.)

Getting over sinus ick that has left a persistent cough as its legacy, but what I'm coughing up is now clear instead of green, so the antibiotics are apparently doing their work. Said ick means I missed Chocolate Decadence down at starcat_jewel's last night. Bleh.
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