Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Deja vu

So I'm reading this link about how the outage at LiveJournal and other Six Apart sites the other day happened -- basically, an antispam company called Blue Security was hit with a denial-of-service attack, and redirected their domain name to their Six Apart blog; there seems to be some question of whether they were actually trying to redirect the attack to somebody else's server, or whether they thought the attack was finished and were just redirecting traffic to a server that wasn't hosed so they could get the word out.

And then I read the comments...

Apparently there is some controversy over BS's antispam methods (starting with whether they can themselves be called denial-of-service attacks). The comments fairly quickly devolved into this existing argument. Blue Security supporters' central argument started to sound... familiar...

"You people sitting at your desk jobs [someone actually used that phrase] don't seem to realize that terroristsspammers have already declared war on us, and only BushBlue Security has the guts to actually fight back. Sure, a few innocent villagesservers will be hurt, but there's always collateral damage in war. Our brave troopsBlue Security is out on the front line, fighting the good fight -- you should be grateful! Blame the terroristsspammers for this attack. Criticizing the White HouseBlue and questioning its tactics and ethics (question their ethics?! Have you forgotten just how evil the terroristsspammers are?!) can only help the terroristsspammers. You're either with us, or you're with the enemy."

I expected someone to break out in "Courtesy of the Frog That Is Blue" any moment. (And no, I don't know the original well enough to attempt a filk...)

(It was only after several rounds of "Are not!" "Are so!" that the focus went back to the redirect, and only after a couple more rounds of "How could you think we would do such a thing on purpose?" that the we-were-blackholed-we-didn't-know-the-attack-would-follow-to-the-new-server explanation emerged. No official confirmation yet from either Six Apart or Blue Security, that I know of.)

starcat_jewel, I'd be very interested in hearing Russ' take on this...
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