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Ping khaosworks: Wikipedia help

So some friends of mine are putting on an SF convention. Someone pointed them to Wikipedia and said they needed to make an entry for the con; they did. It sank into the swamp got removed as a stub. So they made a second one. It threatened to sink into the swamp got tagged as not being sufficiently wiki, and also for not having sources.

Problem with the latter is, there isn't exactly what you'd call an authoritative source for information on science fiction cons. If the con chair is the guy who wrote the article, that would be original research, I suppose? But where else is the information going to come from? Do you use the con website as a reference?

As to the former: What are they looking for that isn't already there? (I've tidied it up a little bit, adding a category and a couple of links, but I don't know if that's sufficient to answer whoever tagged it on the style/format issue.)
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