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Perhaps the ending has not yet been written...

I work evenings as a newspaper copy editor. Open-plan newsroom; along one wall is a shelf with three small televisions (me wondering how soon we'll have to replace those with, presumably, three flat-screen HDTVs mounted directly on the wall. Be a lot easier for the shorter reporters to reach).

Once in a while, someone will turn up the volume to watch something for an extended time and when this gets especially egregious my usual retreat, since I have difficulty ignoring it (ooh, shiny!), is to bring out the headphones, plug them into the Mac and listen to a CD -- something instrumental, because I need to focus on the words on the screen, not the words in the music.

OK. So a couple of nights ago, a co-worker turns up the sound for what looks to be the next hour, and I retreat to the headphones, and one of my standard instrumental CDs for these occasions -- Robyn Miller's soundtrack to Myst.

As I listen to the music, it occurs to me -- you know, this wouldn't make a bad movie, or TV show. You get a group of people who find themselves transported to and stranded on this island, which they... have to explore... in order... to solve... its... mysteries...

For bonus points, guess what TV show's season premiere the co-worker was using her dinner break to watch?

(Said co-worker informs me the similarities to Myst have been extensively noted on the boards she reads, and her husband is among those in the "It's all a VR game" camp...)
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