Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

Can't make fun of "Lost" addicts anymore...

...'cause now I got my own addiction.

I just finished the second episode of "Heroes" (which means I'm only two episodes behind now).

First thoughts:

- It really would have been better if the original plan had been followed to air the first two hours together as one movie. Just for one item, the impact of the scene where Hiro reads the comic book replaying his conversation from the previous hour would have been that much stronger.

- OK. A symbol related to a power-bestowing mutation of DNA that spontaneously shows up places where the people affected are. Does this mean our heroes will eventually be fighting the "Threshold" invaders?

- Is every episode going to have a different closing theme? (I just realized -- I just gave away that I'm not watching the broadcast (I got the episodes off iTunes); the broadcast would have the credits-across-the-bottom-while-the-promo-played.)

Some other things, but I'm going to shut up until I see the two episodes and catch up...
Tags: heroes

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