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OK, caught up now...

My favorite moment in the series is still the final moment in the second episode, as Hiro, back in the subway having teleported away from the future nuclear explosion, straightens up into "I have found my calling" mode.

- In the first episode Hiro cites (or apparently means to cite -- Wikipedia indicates he got the issue number wrong by one) the "Days of Future Past" storyline in the "Uncanny X-Men" comic book, in which Kitty Pryde travels from an apocalyptic future back to the "present" to warn the X-Men of the event that will produce that future. The fourth episode, last week's, has a Hiro from the (post-apocalyptic?) future giving Peter a warning...

What makes this interesting is, it can't be the Nov. 8 nuke he's warning Peter about, because he's changed too much for five weeks to explain. He also indicates that he knows (a scarred future version of) Peter. This suggests to me that, in Future Hiro's past, the Heroes are able to come together and stop the nuke -- but not to prevent some future catastrophe at a point far enough into the future that Hiro has acquired perfectly-accented English and cool dress sense (and, apparently, swordsmanship). Peter would be the only Hero that Future Hiro could talk to unobtrusively (Peter's mimic power lets him share Hiro's frozen-time), so he would be the natural target for contact.

I haven't seen the promo for tonight's episode yet, but I gather from what I've seen elsewhere (TV Guide, as well as the official Heroes website) that the message from Future Hiro is "Save the cheerleader, save the world." If that is the message, then, interestingly — proceeding from my above theory — Claire not only isn't in on the nuke rescue but is probably dead even before Nov. 8 in Future Hiro's timeline — and the Future Heroes discover that only her powers can avert catastrophe deeper into the future.

Or... the thought just occurs to me... Glasses Guy freaks out after her death and brings on the catastrophe (this would tie the story even more deeply to "Days of Future Past"), and it's only at Future Hiro's time that they learn his connection to Claire...

(Oh, and by the way... the closing music in the iTunes versions remains the same in episodes 2-4. I don't believe I've heard it played during the episodes themselves. The episode 1 closing music was Suresh's theme, the Indian-sounding music.)
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