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Everything hinges on Virginia

I forget whether wcg is on my friended-by as well as my friends list, but the race he's been talking about for the better part of a year now, supporting Democrat Jim Webb's campaign, is the race it seems everything is hinging on now.

As of 1:21 am Eastern, Webb is ahead of George Allen by 1,524 votes, with 13 precincts out of 2,443 remaining. (CNN's count continues to be behind this one.) This one will almost certainly take weeks to resolve; at least one pundit was heard to joke that the state motto was changing to "Virginia is for lawyers."

We're done, at least for the first run. Some pages will likely be updated with later numbers for the in-town papers (we don't have editions as such, but we can make over pages mid-press run)...

UPDATE: At 1:46 Eastern, the lead is up to 4,745 with 10 precincts left...

UPDATE 2: At 3:06 Eastern, 7,720 with 7 precincts left...
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