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New filk: Hiro

Words and music: (c) 2006 Joseph Abbott

I've spent way too much time
Watching a clock
In a cookie-cutter cubicle
In another office block
Trapped here in a Phantom Zone
Of conformity and spite
I want to serve the light

CHORUS: I want to be a hero
     I want to save the day
     Fight for truth and justice
     And the honorable way
     I want to be a hero
     I want to save the world...

Give me the chance to take on
Great responsibility
My power's not that great yet
But I'll build up my ability
"Salaryman" just doesn't have
The ring of lore
I know there's something more

BRIDGE:     I did it (Yatta!)
          I bridged the gap, traveled to the future
          Saw the body... saw the blast
          Atomic fire
          Like my grandfather once saw
          I swear upon his grave: Never again!

There are others like me
Racing the clock
Against a deadline and a puzzle
That we all have to unlock
A million lives or more depend on what we do
But we'll see it through

CHORUS: 'Cause we're gonna be heroes
     We're gonna save the day
     Fight for truth and justice
     And the honorable way
     We're gonna be the heroes
     We're gonna save the world
     We're gonna save the world
     We're gonna save the world...
Tags: filk, heroes

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