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Happy Yuri's Night

A bit premature for most, though there is at least one person on the list for whom it's just starting (hi, micheinnz). Yuri's Night is an organized series of worldwide parties marking the first manned spaceflight, April 12, 1961, by Yuri Gagarin, as well as the first flight 20 years later of space shuttle Columbia. I'm also posting this now because I'll be working during the evening and probably will forget amid the deadline pressure.

In other news... it's actually possible to get across town again. Earlier, if you needed to get somewhere on the other side of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's motorcade route (basically the highway from Crawford to Waco and thence to the airport), you were out of luck. This included a copy editor or two who live in outlying towns...

Through the good graces of sandy_tyras [2] (actually it was Gerry... Sandy, is Gerry on LJ or just you?) and BitTorrent, I got to see the first three episodes of the new "Doctor Who" while visiting over the weekend. They were good. Good enough that I'm weighing the various hassles of BitTorrent against the irritation of waiting an indefinite period for some U.S. cable channel to get off its duff and pick up the rights, or for the DVDs to be released in the U.S.

Trying out the LJ cut and user tags and hoping I've got them right...

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