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I haven't posted about this, out of denial, I suppose. Basically, Dinsdale's cancer has come back, or never really went away. Over the past month and a half, he's been at the vet's more than he's been here. Since he came back from the vet's last week, he's eaten very little; in the past 48 hours, as near as I can tell, nothing. Also, as near as I can tell, in the past 24 hours he hasn't moved from his leave-me-alone-I-feel-like-crap hideyhole.

I fear there is a post involving rainbows and bridges in my very near future...

UPDATE: OK. I've coaxed him out of the hideyhole and onto a towel on my bed, where I'm typing this on the laptop. And I have just discovered bloodstains on said towel, and on my sweatpants where he's been leaning up against me. Apparently the incision where the vet drained some of the fluid buildup is weeping. Stand by...
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