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Been a while

Let's see now...

Mom's coming down to Fort Worth this weekend to visit my nephew, then going into the hospital on Monday for a hiatal hernia operation Wednesday. I talked with her last weekend and the situation didn't sound quite so dire from her as I had taken it to be while talking to my sister, so a bit of relief there. I'm going to Fort Worth on Saturday, back here Monday for a day of work, then driving up to Arkansas on Tuesday and staying the rest of the week. Which also means I'm going to miss Apollocon, drat it.

A-Kon was pretty fun, but also reminded me why I hadn't considered it a must-go - a bit crowded and noisy for my taste, especially since I'm not so much into anime. I didn't get to have the conversations I hoped for with the friends who were there because (a) we couldn't hear each other and (b) they were too busy. This was exacerbated by the fire marshal shutting down the dealer's room, where several of them were, for two hours while everything got moved around to a configuration that, I suppose, didn't block the emergency exits so much. Dealer's room hours were extended to compensate, so the dinner option fell out.

The filk was moderately well-attended, though as often happens 11 p.m. and midnight events elsewhere at the con siphoned off some people. It also eventually fell into the trap that you get when there are many more listeners than performers of becoming more talk than filk, especially given the one newcomer who kept trying to pin us down on what constituted filk. My general answer - "Anything sung in a filk circle" - wasn't specific enough, and he kept asking: So, is X filk? Is Y filk?

Just got off a week of training on the new layout/editing software. The company that makes it decided that rather than build the whole thing from scratch again for the new version, it was going to focus on the database portion and let Adobe InDesign/InCopy handle the heavy lifting for the layout/text editing part. The poor instructors were caught in teaching-new-software hell: when the theory meets the people who are actually going to be using the thing on a daily basis, it always gets... ahem... interesting. It doesn't help that we'll have to be moving back and forth among at least four different programs, each with a different set of palettes and menus (and one of the four is itself effectively at least four different programs, with commands that do different things depending on what mode you're in). (Insert grumble here about programmers who choose the way easiest for them over the way easiest for the user and have no concept whatsoever of a usable interface.) As with the last two software transitions I've been through, this one looks like it'll be a wash overall - some things will be a lot easier, some things will be a lot harder. Some people are taking it better than others; one co-worker was heard to say "Just shoot me now." Of course, his department is the next to go live on the new software - starting today, in fact...

And in baseball news, while I was typing this Baylor went ahead of Clemson 4-1; they just started the 6th inning. Rice is ahead of Tulane 3-2 at the end of the 7th. Texas plays Ole Miss tonight at 6. USC and Oregon State, which I don't care as much about since neither team is in Texas, start in a bit over an hour. The winners of each of those games go to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. And in other sports news, the San Antonio Spurs are up 2-0 in the NBA finals and Manu Ginobili is a basketball god.

That's all for the moment; now I have to go update the filk site...

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