Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

A lot of rain, and a guest

We had over an inch and a half of rain here (they got more down south of us, as txcronopio can attest -- Killeen Gray Airport got 4.54" as of 10 pm). The city editor came up around midevening to work on a story and brought a dog with him.

The dog had been wandering loose in the rain, and Bill had almost run over it (gender undetermined). He had a spare leash from his own dog, and brought this dog -- whose name turned out to be Pepper -- to the newsroom. Quite friendly, quite active, all tags present -- the owner was an old lady who apparently accidently let it loose and didn't want to be out in the rain looking (don't blame her). So Bill took it home and will return it in the morning.
Tags: critters, weather

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