Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) wrote,
Joseph Abbott

State of the Joe

Back at work after a weekend at Conestoga in Tulsa. They went and developed a music track while I wasn't looking! lukeski and ericcoleman had concert sets, as did Cedric of the Bedlam Bards and a group called Queen's Gambit. I missed the Friday night filk (hadn't even thought there would be one -- there wasn't the last time they had a Harry Potter book release at the con) but the Saturday filk was well attended, and fun.

Unsettling story from the seeing-false-patterns-in-white-noise department: The night I was leaving Tulsa, a first-base coach from the Tulsa minor-league team was hit by a line drive and killed while his team was playing the Arkansas Travelers less than half an hour away from my family's home.

I'm currently midway through Chapter 5 in That Book, all of which was done on the ride down from the con to DFW with decoy01 and tmc4242. After the drive from the to Waco I was sufficiently wiped that I pretty much went straight to bed. Haven't read any more yet because I did not wish to be late for work...
Tags: cons, filk, harry potter, news

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