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Star Trek: Retcon

Truly are Berman and Braga cast down from the Star Trek throne. There is a book (this is the first I've seen it, but it turns out to have been published in February) called Star Trek: Enterprise -- The Good That Men Do that basically is about how the events of the last episode of Enterprise never happened.

That would be the episode in which Berman and Braga took back the reins from Manny Coto and undid most of his work rebuilding the show.

I flipped to the last chapter, and the framing story has an older Jake Sisko and Nog, discussing the "newly declassified files" that have formed the main story, wondering aloud how they could have missed the inconsistencies in the official version of events -- and reeling off half a dozen fan gripes about the B/B finale.

The acknowledgments start by thanking Berman and Braga for the inspiration of their final episode.

Burn. I am, as my friend Laurel would say, highly amused.
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