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Don't let the sun set on your pickup in this town, boy

A Florida appellate court has agreed with a man who sued the city of Coral Gables, Fla., after he was fined $50...

...for parking a pickup truck overnight within city limits.

It doesn't matter how new it is, or how well kept. The city bans pickups. 'Cause it's not in keeping with the city's character, doncha know.

Oh, it graciously allows them to enter the city during daylight hours -- the peons have to come in sometime to do the scut work of keeping "The City Beautiful" beautiful -- just as long as their drivers don't get the notion of staying.

These places always creep me out. It's beauty, sure, but an artificial beauty, a sterile, animatronic beauty. I keep expecting to see perfect children out in front of the perfect houses all bouncing balls in exactly. The same. Rhythm.

P.S.: The appellate court judges for the win:
Two of the three judges from the appeals court found the city's reasoning "frightening."

They wrote: "Perhaps Coral Gables can require that all its houses be made of ticky-tacky and that they all look just the same, but it cannot mandate that its people are, or do."

ETA: It just keeps getting better. From the hometown newspaper:

[City Commissioner Ralph Cabrera] acknowledged that some Gables residents, especially those who live in the northern end of town or in apartments, do not have garages in which to park their pick-ups and he favored making provisions to allow them to park their trucks on the street, provided they were not commercial vehicles.
Even Mayor Don Slesnick, an ardent supporter of the law, expressed some willingness to compromise on possible changes. The mayor acknowledged that some pick-ups were aesthetically neutral and conceded the point that some aspects of the law needed revising.
Still, he vehemently disagreed with the decision of the appellate court and said the issue went beyond pick-up trucks.
“If you read the decision by the court the opinion of every lawyer I’ve talked to believes it’s over the top and that the dissent is well reasoned,” said Slesnick, a labor lawyer.
“What this law is really about is aesthetics. And we feel that the look of the city is enhanced by keeping open bedded trucks off the streets overnight,” the Mayor said.
He argued that once the city allows pick-up trucks they were opening the door for other commercial vehicles and large trucks to come in as well and that other aesthetic guidelines in the city could be challenged if the city did not defend its right to govern itself.

He's a flippin' labor lawyer and he's defending this?!
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