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Various spaceflight headlines

I went to the SpaceX testing facility open house in McGregor last Saturday. Got the photos posted in fairly short order but am only now getting around to saying something here. It was, pardon the phrase, a blast.

I got a very short glimpse of Elon Musk, the Internet billionaire who's funding SpaceX, but didn't get to meet him. They also had a local country singer singing county-top-40 stuff from the past few years. If they're going to do this again, I may need to volunteer my services, and more particularly my space-related songbook. (Not sure how "Reconsideration..." would go over with that crowd, though. Lots of kids present...)

Spurred anew to write this by word that SpaceX's competition for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program isn't anymore: NASA has opened the COTS project to new bidders after dropping Rocketplane-Kistler for not meeting milestones.

And finally, it has belatedly occurred to me that I have all of next week off. Instead of sanely staying home and preparing to go to OVFF, I may just do something foolish like going to watch a shuttle launch first...
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