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Back from Conestoga

Things you just don't hear many places other than a con:

"Okay, now flip over all your planets..."

"Are you visible?"

The Harry Potter party, combined with it being a Friday night at a small-to-medium con, pretty much blew out any chance for filk. Well, that and the filk room was locked until about midnight-thirty, since apparently no one at the hotel seemed to know for sure who had the key to that room. So it wound up just being me, msminlr and celticdragonfly. Saturday night was much better, with a peak of about a dozen people, half of them performing. I got to spring my "Northwest Passage" filk "Twisty Passage" on Mark Simmons, which unfortunately turned out to mean he didn't do his own "Goddard Passage," which had inspired "Twisty" as much as the original had. (In fact, because of the way I came at filk backwards from how the older filkers did, I heard "Goddard" before I heard the Stan Rogers original.)

I didn't get a copy of HP at the party because mine was waiting for me at a substantial discount at Barnes & Noble here in Waco. I walked over there for my pre-breakfast exercise at 10:30 this morning, while the weather was still something at least vaguely resembling cool (recall that I work odd hours -- in fact, I'm writing this while I should probably be getting ready for work). Started to read it, which was probably a mistake (and probably why I got started later than planned on writing this entry). Horrifying typo on Page 10, "site" instead of "sight"; Spell Check strikes again, I fear. (Pun unintended.) I read it up to the start of Chapter 3, which is the first in which Harry actually appears.

Also, it not only turns out that there is no copy of the new Usagi Yojimbo collection to be had at B&N (it's been on order for some months now), there's apparently no copy anywhere -- there will be a second printing late next month, and I'm pretty much SOL until then. Meanwhile, I have a standing order for future collections at the local comic store. (They had sold out of theirs -- they don't tend to keep the paperback collections anyway -- which is what led me to try ordering it through B&N.)